Borehole Inclination Tester


BIT measures the verticality of a borehole AND of existing piles


BIT uses the auger/bucket itself as the centralizer. Eliminating the need for a heavy-to-move system.
The BIT enables fast and accurate determination of inclination in both dry and wet boreholes.
Large boreholes and diaphragm walls may be quickly tested several times during drilling to enable real-time corrective action.

Existing piles:

A special centralizer is attached to the BIT sensor and lowered into a standard access tube (No need for an expensive inclinometer tube). The BIT sensor includes a gyro that constantly measures and compensates for the rotation of the sensor in the tube.


Physical Housing:

Sensor : Rugged metal case

Instrument: Inside Schill cable reel

Dimentions: 430mmL x 325mmW x 105mmH (instrument only)

Shipping weight:

12Kg (Typical shipping)

Temperature range:

-10 ~ 50 °C


90% (non-condensing)


Internal Li-ion rechargeable battery, 7.4 V
500mAh, sufficient for a full day’s work


AC adapter/charger included

Sensor: IP67, Protection against complete submersion in water

Instrument: IP62, 90% condensation (light rain)

Technical Wireless

Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz

Depth meter

Wireless (Zigbee) with internal 1400mAh battery

and magnetic charger adapter


MEMS, dual axis, temperature-compensated


MEMS, Automatic drift compensation


80m (150m optional) rugged Polyurethane

Performance Borehole depth

Borehole diameter


10-20 minutes / borehole (Typical)

Inclination: 0.1% (0.07°)
Depth: 0.05m


Requirements Computer (Minimum)

Android smartphone with Bluetooth hardware
Android tablet with Bluetooth hardware
No support for MS Windows system or Apple OS

Output Reporting

Produced on office PC, including top view of
pile axis, vertical section in the direction of
maximum inclination and more


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