Apache 4 USV Bathymetry Survey Instrument


The APACHE 4 is an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) that supports a wide variety of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) systems available on the market. It offers an unmanned operation solution with a shallow draft, high navigational accuracy and stable hovering for hydrologists when measuring water flow velocity and discharge of a current section. Very compact, it enables easy handling at the mission site, facilitates safe launching, and convenient transportation by car.

The APACHE 4 USV Bathymetry Survey Instrument brings together the best of high-accuracy positioning and automated navigation control technology, built around the operator’s habits when conducting ADCP hydrographic crosssection flow measurements. The built-in adaptive water flow and hovering navigation technology significantly improve the accuracy of flow estimation. Even when GNSS positioning might be degraded by the obstructed environment, the internal GNSS+IMU module continues to provide a reliable position and heading for the ADCP and autopilot controller.

The APACHE 4 is a perfect solution for obtaining high-quality data for flow and velocity measurements in water where manned boat access is impractical, such as in front of dam structures, or where safety is a concern, such as during flood level measurements.



Integrated adaptive water flow straight-line and hovering technology

The autonomous control system enables APACHE 4 to navigate straight along the cross-section according to the profile view
when the flow rate, turbulence, etc. changes.
The hovering technology can make APACHE 4 hover stably in the turbulent flow at the start and end points of ADCP observation,
thereby improving the accuracy of flow estimation.


Expand your unmanned survey capability

Single beam sounding data can be used to verify the accuracy of ADCP bottom tracking data, and even fed directly into the ADCP
flow measurement software to compensate for the unavailability of ADCP data, and at the same time provide water depth profile data associated with the flow velocity profile measurement.


Interrupted positioning with GNSS+IMU

APACHE 4 provides stable position and heading to the ADCP and autopilot. Its IMU sensor ensures the availability of position data even during momentary GNSS signal loss. The obstacle avoidance radar system and live video feed ensure safe operations in case of loss of visibility or difficult environmental conditions.

Completely autonomous, the APACHE 4 is safely operated from the shore. The AutoPlanner and HydroSurvey software suite allows the operator to define the entire mission, from the survey area to the export of the results.


Versatile. Carries up to 30 kg of payload

The APACHE 4 central access shaft design provides unmanned cross-sectional flow measurement solutions for the leading ADCPs on the market. The APACHE 4 is particularly suited for hydrologists using ADCP sensors such as the M9, RTDP 1200, RiverPro, and RiverRay who are looking for an integrated, portable, and affordable
unmanned solution.

It does not only carry the ADCP, but also provides its positioning, orientation, power, waterproofing, network, and 4G transmission solutions.



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