Datalogger TMR Piezo VW


Datalogger TMR Piezo VW Applications:

  • Pore pressure / piezometer vibrating wire sensor for Dam or Mining
  • Vibrating wire strain gauge for structural strain monitoring
  • Vibrating Wire Crackmeter sensor. etc



8ch Vibrating Wire Input (4-wire)
Measuring Range: 400…6 KHz
Excitation Mode: Auto-resonance
Accuracy: 0.001 Hz ; Resolution: 32 bit
Temperature Range : -50°C … 70°C
Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.2 °C
Temperature Resolution : 0.1 oC +/- 0.2° thermistor
Operating Voltage 10.5…16 VDC
Power Consumption : 80mA @12V DC
Operating Temperature: -20°C … 65°C
Connection: Screw-Terminal


Sensor data sample scan 1 – 8 s, depend on active channel number.

High accuracy measurement up to 0.001Hz

Modbus data output, so it can directly connected to Embedded  controller.


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