The cost-effective Micro Resistive Displacement Transducer is ideal for measuring small linear position changes. With a spring return control rod, installation can be completed very quickly.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Small physical size, spring return
  • Wide input (excitation) range
  • Infinite resolution (depends on user’s A/D system)
  • Stable DC output
  • Fast mounting


  • Diagnostic load testing bridges
  • Testing river control structures
  • Crack opening
  • Expansion joint movement
  • Laboratory testing


Type Micro Resistive Displacement Transducer (Spring Return)
Ranges 0.4, 1.0, 2.0 in
Excitation +1 to +12VDC
Output 0 to (Excitation Voltage) VDC
Linearity ±0.3% to ±0.1%
Temperature Range -22°F to +50°F (-30°C to +100°C)

0.4 in

1.0 in

2.0 in


0.9 in x 1.6 in x 4.25 in (22mm x 41mm x 108mm)

0.9 in x 0.9 in x 5.43 in (23mm x 23mm x 138mm)

0.9 in x 0.9 in x 7.72 in (23mm x 23mm x 196mm)

Weatherproof IP40


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