SmartSolo® IMU-3C


IMU-3C is a three-components intelligent monitoring unit, which can
carry out three-channel data acquisition. Based on the Mobile communication system, WIFI, Ethernet and other data transmission interfaces,
IMU-3C is able to fulfil remote parameter configuration, real-time data
transmission, real-time data monitoring and real-time data quality
evaluation, etc.
Equipped with external sensor connector that compatible with
multi-types of sensors.
Equipped with external power supply connector that customized for long
term data acquisition. Integrate with GNSS module and internal antenna,
external GNSS antenna is optional also. A surface wave processing
software which developed by DTCC is now available for real-time dispersion, surface wave velocity analysis, inversion and imagining

New Generation 3
Components intelligent

  • New Generation 3
    Components intelligent
    monitoring unit
  • Built-in high precision
    DAC signal generator
  • Built-in GNSS module,
    support internal and
    external GNSS antenna
  • Built-in 4G module
    (support SIM card replacement),
    achieve real-time data transmission,
    parameter configuring
  • External 4G antenna,
    internal WiFi antenna
  • Dual-LED indicator,
    indicates the acquisition and
    data transmission status of device
  • Built-in WiFi module,
    data download and parameter
    configuration at close range
  • Support internal and
    external power supply
  • Externally connected with
    various sensors
  • High resolution data with up to
    0.25ms sampling and 24-bit
    delta-sigma ADC

Physical Specs

Size 136mm*120.7mm*88mm
Weight 1.4Kg
Waterproof IP67
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃

Operating Life @ 25°C

60h in 4G real-time transmission@2ms

25 days working offline@2ms

General Specification

Seismic data channel(s) 3
ADC resolution 24 bits
Sample intervals 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 ,8,10,20milliseconds
Preamplifier gain 0dB to 36 dB in 6 dB steps
Anti-alias filter 206.5 Hz @ 2ms (82.6% of Nyquist) Selectable – Linear Phase or Minimum Phase
DC blocking filter DC Removed
Data Storage 16 GB(extensible)
Recharge Time ≤7 hours
Charging Temperature Range +3°C ~ +45°C
Data transmission mode


4G mode (4G, USB, WiFi) or Ethernet mode (Ethernet, USB, WiFi)

Channel Performance

(@ 2ms sample interval, 31.25 Hz, 25°C, unless otherwise indicated)
Maximum Input Signal ±2.5Vpeak @ Gain 0dB
Instantaneous Dynamic Range 125dB
Equivalent Input Noise 0.18µV@ 2ms Gain 18dB
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.0002%@ Gain 0dB
Common Mode Rejection ≥100dB
Gain Accuracy <0.5%
GPS Time Standard 1ppm
Timing Accuracy ±10µs, GPS Disciplined

SoloSW surface wave processing software

·Data transmission and dispersion analysis
·1D/2D active surface wave analysis (MASW)
·1D/2D passive surface wave SPAC and ESPAC
method analysis


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