Parallel Seismic Instrument (PSI)


PSI uses the well-known Parallel Seismic method to establish the depth of existing foundations (specifically for a pile or deep foundations) where the superstructure (i.e. existing building) precludes access to the pile heads.
It is sometimes the only pile integrity test that can be prefromed.

The test requires the installation of a plastic access tube in parallel, and as close as possible, to the tested pile. The tube should be carried down to a depth exceeding the assumed pile length by a margin of 8m-10m and filled with water. In unsaturated soils, the tube should be firmly grouted in the hole to achieve good coupling with the surrounding soil.

System Components:
(1) PSI instrument

(2) Sledgehammer with a trigger switch

(3) Digital depth meter

(4) Hydrophone

PSI2 is compliant with the following standards:

AFNOR NF P94-160-3 and ASTM D8381-21


  • Ease of use: It is usually selftaught in less than a day. No additional expensive training is needed.
  • Connects to any PC/Laptop via a standard USB port.
  • Interpretation assistance and Second Opinion Services (SOS) are included.


Physical Housing

Rugged, Environment-proof,

Dimensions (mm)

210W x 140L x 40H (instrument only)


0.8 kg (instrument only)

2.3 kg (with typical computer)

13.0 kg (Typical shipping)

Temperature range

Operating : -25 to 50 (°C)

Storage : -40 to 70 (°C)

Technical Hydrophone

100Hz ~ 4kHz in stainless enclosure.

25 mm diameter


Heavy-duty polyurethane on reel.

Sample rate

50kHz (20μS resolution)


16bit A/D + 14 gain levels = 30bit dynamic range.


3mm resolution <0.1% error.

Performance Pile lengths

1m to 50m


10-15 min (depending on pile length) per pileStorage


Requirements Computer (32/64 bit)

Windows 7/8/10. 800×600 resolution or higher

Power External—USB

Operate on the USB connection to the tablet or

computer device.

Standards AFNOR NF P94-160-3

Fully meets or exceeds

Output Reporting

Arrival time vs. depth

Pile tip depth

Wave speed in pile


Multi-lingual report generation in MS Word format

Depth Cable reels

50m lengths



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