Readout Instruments & Sensors


Model 1400-1 Dial Indicator | Used for quick and easy readout of borehole extensometers. Accuracy is 0.01 mm, Standard Range is 50 mm.

Model 1400-4 Depth Micrometer | Readout of borehole extensometers is made on a digital counter after manual adjustment of the thimble. Accuracy is 0.01 mm, Range is 25 mm extensible to 150 mm using the extension rods supplied.

Model 1450 DC-DC LVDT | DC-DC LVDT’s are for dynamic and/or high-temperature applications. Standard ranges are 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. Other ranges available on request.

Model 1500 Linear Potentiometer | Utilizes a sturdy 6.5 mm diameter rod which protrudes from both ends as the actuating shaft. This facilitates connection of the linear potentiometer to extensometer rods and also permits a mechanical check on the readings.

Model 4450 VW Displacement Transducer | The Model 4450 Vibrating Wire Displacement Transducer provides remote readout for GEOKON Extensometers. They are particularly useful where other types of VW sensors are used and where long cable runs are required.


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