EGS-30V settlement measurement system is designed for monitoring settlement infills, embankments, and dams, etc. It comprises of a vibrating wire sensor connected to a reservoir via a fluid filled polyethylene sheathed twin nylon tubing. The sensor is installed in soil fill and the reservoir is mounted on firm ground. As the sensor settles with the surrounding soil, the fluid head at the sensor increases. The change in the measuring head is the settlement relative to the reservoir.

A manifold system is optionally available to connect up to seven sensors to the same reservoir.


Range (m) 7, 20, 30, 50, 70
System accuracy ± 0.25 % fs to ± 1 % fs
Temperature limit -20° to 80°C (sensor)
Reservoir housing 400 h x 300 w x 220 d mm
Sensor accuracy ± 0.1 % fs
Sensor non-linearity ± 0.50 % fs
Thermistor YSI 44005 or equivalent
Cable CS-1102 (vented) for 7 m range
CS-0702 for other sensors
Fluid tubing 6 mm o.d., 4 mm i.d., twin nylon tube


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