Settlement Plate


The Model 4625 Settlement Plate System is designed primarily as an inexpensive means for monitoring in areas where significant settlement or substantial material displacement is expected. The system consists of a base plate and a reference rod (riser pipe) equipped with necessary threaded end connections enabling the pipe sections to connect to each other, as well as attach to the plate. Settlement plates are most commonly installed on an existing ground surface prior to the placement of an embankment, however they may also be successfully utilized in deep excavations. Settlement plates may be used alone or in conjunction with other instrumentation including piezometers, remotely-monitored settlement systems and horizontal inclinometers.


  • Riser Pipe : 1½” × 5 feet long SCH40 Galvanized Steel pipe, male threaded both ends
  • Coupling : 1½” SCH40 Galvanized steel, female threaded both ends
  • Pipe Cap : 1½” SCH40 Galvanized steel, female threaded


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